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Hacking Password Ms.Word and Excel

Thursday, March 4, 2010
Hacking Password Ms.Word and ExcelTo secure the documents, we often protect the document with the password. For security reasons also, we give the password different for each document, which often happened that our data are too sheltered to keep our own can not open it because of forgotten password.

Computer time this article discusses how to open password file Ms.Word and Ms.Excel you do not forget to remember aliases.

To overcome this, we can use a tool (software) and Ms.Word password reminder Ms.Excel. One of the Tools (software) we can use reply is Free Word / Excel Password Recovery.

Hacking Password Ms.Word and Excel
How to use this password opener software is easy, namely:

1. Specify the file MS word / excel password to search the tab "select files"

2. Select the dictionary to be used in the tab "dictionary recovery." This Dictionary will help to find the password of the words that are stored in this dictionary. Click next.

3. Click the brute-force recovery, specify the characters that you might use in their password. Determine the approximate length of the password you use. Try rangenya not too long because the combination will be more and more and the process becomes old. Better little by little. Click Next

Now you are just waiting for the software to find passwords or Ms.Word file your Ms.Excel.

Good luck ...!

Tools to get this please Download here


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