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How to Change Address Username Facebook

Tuesday, February 9, 2010
FaceBook is more ngetrend in Indonesia today, but we feel hard to memorize the default username provided by MySpace itself is too long due to dihapalkan / remember.

Okay .. we go straight to the point of changing your MySpace username address, at length previously (hard to promote to others) Being short FaceBook address, which you can easily have you know to your friends.

The way that can be done to change the address your facebook username is as follows:

1. Please visit

2. Then came a page that asks you to enter your email and password your facebook account

3. After you log in by entering your email address and password, then in Section 3 of this you are asked to select one of your facebook username address, or you can also select their own addresses through the box that says (Enter desired username).

Description: If you select the "Enter desired username", then you must check the availability of the username through the "Check availability", if the username you entered is not available, then you should choose another name, and if the username you choose is available , it will come out "Confirm" to ensure that the username you chose.

4. If step 1 through 3 have you done correctly, the result facebook address your username will be:

Good try ....


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