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Setting in For Domain Parking

Tuesday, February 9, 2010
My buddy has long dalm not post this blog, many things that make this so. one college that is close to the task akir, while committee here and there, good news for my friend who is not familiar with adsense for domain name please visit the following website if you want to see my friend and his by people who had long played in the adsense domain has been getting a lot of dollars through this domain adsense everyone visiting valued at a price of $ 0.7 plus when visitors click on your ad revenue is entirely tersebut.semua you ....
If you want to make it please see below, one more we have to provide their own domain. like. com,. net or free domain name like

1. Click the AdSense Setup like you would create a new adsense ad slot.
2. Click the AdSense for Domains
3. Click Add New Domains to enter your

The first phase is complete now entered the second stage and menyetting A CNAME record on your
1. account login to manage your domain.
2. Select your to be in the setup for Adsense for domains (click Setup)
3. Of the three options select the setup a second setup (Zone Records).
4. At a charging Zone Records Host, TTL, Type and Value.
Consider the following Screenshoot:

5. First we input the CNAME from Google Adsense. At HOST type www (will automatically enter your domain name into, to allow the TTL, 1D, the Type select CNAME and the VALUE input destination for containing Google Adsense publisher ID (Screenshoot note above) after all occupied click SETUP. If successful will look like Screenshoot below,

6. Next entries A record Google Adsense. At HOST leave blank will be automatically filled in your name without the www, the TTL let the 1D, the Type A and to select input VALUE destination for Google Adsense ( and click SETUP. Repeat for the next record A destinationnya differ only just ( - - so as shown in Screenshoot below,

7. The end :mrgreen: .
Now you just wait Approve Google Adsense (usually not long, I had only a few hours) and also wait for a maximum of 48 hours to set up domain parking appears as Google Adsense (I myself was not until 24 hours was performed).

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