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Software Anti Keylogger Free

Tuesday, February 9, 2010
Kumpulan this article discusses the Anti Keylogger Software [Free ...!!!]. When using computers in public places like cafes, could be what we type will be recorded by Keylogger software. Anti Keylogger is a software that works to prevent the theft of one's account (User ID and Password and privacy information is another) when the person is using a computer that may have been planted (in install) with Keylogger software.

Anti Keylogger software is called Neo's SafeKeys. This freeware program can be used at the time we'll fill in User ID and password. With this software we no longer need to type through the keyboard, we just click on the buttons of letters and numbers that look like a keyboard in this software by using the mouse.

Next what we will click into the search box at the bottom of the software window, then we can do drag and drop into the password field is the application.

Software Anti Keylogger Free


1. We do not need to use the keyboard, so that the keylogger program can not do the recording of the keyboard buttons are pressed.

2. The program will change the length and width of each particular time, as well as placing it in the screen, and is intended to avoid a mouse-loggers.

3. Nothing is stored in the clipboard.

4. Can use capital letters or other characters kareakter-;

5. Can be used in portable, so can be stored in a USB Flash drive (USB Flash Disk).

The following link Download it: Klik Here

Hopefully useful to all.


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