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Virtual PC

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

PC Manifest seems fake vmware Know? If so, should also know the software Connectix Virtual PC 4.3 on this one. Only original software contrived by Microsoft. Like Emulators - another emulator, Virtual PC is a PC emulator that allows us to install and run other operating systems in our windows.

Can not install Linux? Can. I've tried it and succeeded, only choices [i] Operating Systems [/ i] is [.] Other [.]. 's known, from the first Windows khan never gotten along with linux. So do fellow dreamed of using this software on the Linux operating system. may not really: P
Configuration is easy, the beautiful view, as well as full support microsoft give more individual assessment on this product. besides we can not menafikkan priced fairly well.
but overall this product really worth a try. latest version is [i] Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 [/ i], there was no reply trialnya version of 45 days. can be downloaded at

PC in the PC For those who like the software must be familiar with the emulator Connectix. I myself could never downloaded software from a friend VGS (Virtual Game Station), as the Play Station vitual. Which now ya (I myself only know) there is software as a Virtual PC emulator. As the name implies Connectix Virtual PC will add one or more into our PC.

User interface is also quite user friendly. Simply clicking New PC, there will be a wizard that guides us, Just choose the OS that will be installed in our new Virtual PC, keep the size of hard disk and memory to be allocated. 've Finished our new Virtual PC. Stay installed. Problem Installing the way, quite easy because there are instructions kok. Do not be surprised if it can be installed inside many types of OS, including Linux, DOS, and others.

I myself have tried. I installed Virtual PC on Windows 98SE, and then create a virtual PC and I installed Windows 2000 Advanced Server, the results fairly. Now I can learn domain settings, networking, almost exactly the same just deh with two PCs. I continue to install Microsoft SQL SERVER 2000 on Windows 2000, then access using Visual Basic which runs on Windows 98SE.

Although still have shortcomings (which I naturally wrote) like, needs lots of memory, if only 128 would nga deh enough. If 256 is still less because they have to split 2, remember that Windows 2000 with SQL Server mengajurkan memory 256.

Which clearly should be attempted. Trialnya beautiful, 30 days. Oh. yes, download it at


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