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Tuesday, February 9, 2010
Did you ever visit the site! Your reply yet please visit this site!

Like its url address! This site is a forum about techniques black hat seo. Actually the first time I visited I did not suspect anything about this site. but once I find the meaning of the word black hat seo, I was interested. By definition I take from, black hat seo, is a technique used to obtain high rankings in the search for unethical manner.

After I read read seditkit, sayapun began amazed at this site there are many who live script we downloaded. one script that I downloaded is a script for comment spamming techniques (But so far I have not dared to try) because there is written that we'll probably blog on banned by search engines when you use the script

I actually this post is not to promote the site above! because I am a new blogger, I wanted more depth to know about "black hat seo", I invite you to the bloggers to share their opinion about "black hat seo", and whether you agree about the use of black hat seo techniques this?


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