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Thursday, February 11, 2010
In this opportunity I would like to share knowledge about Pernak-Pernik Blog. Is knick knacks that? If I call it an extra garnish or decoration for beautifying your blog. And the script code is not needed as much as we make Read More which must Edith html code for it-save-selected format and blah. . blah. . blah. . Over brow:))

From now on let's try some of these knickknacks:

Make a Rainbow Color Link

If you ever come across on a blog like mine, then when you put the mouse over the link will display the colorful characters like a rainbow. Want to know how? It's easy not stray from. . :))

On the Edit HTML code you are looking for. If you've met put this code below and click SAVE. . so right: D

Strikeout on writing posts

It was not meant to know? That's writings like underline, but crossed out letters to the streak. If you are still confused look at this example

Price $5Now Free For You

To do:

You live add code

(crossed out sentences like)

Writing Flashing (Blink)

This is a trick that is very easy because you live add code

(writing to flash)

Easy right? such as reversing the palm of your hands:))

Remove Navbar

Navbar is on the top line to facilitate us to log-in/log-out. which is usually black, blue. already know it? If you do not know Batman just ask:))

  • First of all, go to the Dashboard page
  • After that, click Layout, then select Edit HTML
  • In the HTML box to find the following code, usually located at the top


Blogger Template by Theme Name: *******( your template name) Theme URI: url *********( template) Author URI: *********( template creator) Version: 1.0

----------------------------------------------- * /

  • Then typing the following code Below

#navbar, #navbar-iframe {

height: 0px;

visibility: hidden;

display: none;


Tips: If navbar to appear again. You can just delete it in blue script on top. 've done it. . . ;)

That's some tricks that I can collect another time "Insha Allah" can be added. If there is not clear please Ym I in

Eh do not forget his comments huh?

C u next time. . bay bay;)

:)) Smile for you


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