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Enabling Kaspersky AntiVirus with Speed

Thursday, February 11, 2010
Maybe now people confused for the latest Kaspersky Key files. Because if not given Key Kaspersky the latest files he'll Off. Now we will discuss how to activate Kaspersky AntiVirus with Quick. Maybe if we are careful and lead by the computer every day utik sure we will know how to How to Activate Kaspersky AntiVirus with Speed? This method is very easy, maybe even a baby can Enabling Quick Kaspersky AntiVirus with me when reading this article, Hehehe .. Anyway, everyone would be Enabling Kaspersky AntiVirus. Now the necessary conditions are:

  1. A computer with a mouse, monitor, keyboard, and that is not less important is the processor (If no processor's name was not Computer hehe ...)
  2. Kaspersky AntiVirus software (this one qualification is required, because if there is no we did not hack Kaspersky AntiVirus is not it? Hehe ...)
  3. Key File Kaspersky (you must have a Key File Kaspersky first, though Key had already Expired Files)
  4. Maybe some hot tea if need be, let me more relaxed so ...

Now we will discuss the core of this article ..

  • Before we activate Kaspersky AntiVirus we should change the date of our first computer in 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 was just the year before Key file you put Expired. For example I have a Key File Expirednya date 05.06.2009 (Wow if I did not hack Kaspersky AntiVirus confusion I would have to find the latest Key Files hehe ...), then we must replace our computers date to the date before we Expired Key File. For example I change my computer date to the date of 24/11/2010.
  • Then we just attach our File Key, continued to live Restart Windows then finished .. Not easy ....

Very easy way above it, I'm sure you can do ... Many of Beautify Blogger, please use the comment .. Your comments help progress this blog ...


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