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Placing Keyword In Article

Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Keyword or keyword is the heart of the content of the writing on a blog. Keyword is the strategy to attract visitors or visitors who use search engines such as,, etc. which the visitors will be in drag or in the sleigh with certain keywords.

Placing Keyword In ArticleFor that you need to do research to find the right keywords for the paste on your blog. Now that the obstacle is how to place these keywords on the proper place of writing or an article? So that it contributes to your blog can be more optimally indexed by Google. Keyword optimization existence we can each article, then automatically the more we give entrance to users who are surfing the internet looking for something.

Keyword after exactly obtained, but if you do not understand very well where are the keywords that will be placed so it will be much easier direction for your blog traffic. To have good keywords can bring benefit to your blog then follow a few ways to put keywords in your blog:

  • Place the keyword in the title of the article or posting text, and provide links related to the article you wrote
  • Place the keyword in the head tags postings
  • Place the keyword at the beginning of the first paragraph
  • For important keywords that are either in Bold
Okay .. Maybe some tips on how to Placing Keyword In Article, may be useful ...


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