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4 Steps To Make Money With Your Blogs

Tuesday, February 9, 2010
Monetize your blogs or websites and set your own prices. By integrating javascript code in your website, you could start generating extra income from your website. You will be paid through your PayPal account. You will not be charged any PayPal fees.

Ask2Link is an Internet advertising company that allows bloggers to monetize extra spaces in their websites and blogs. it's provide easy-to-use turnkey solution for monetizing your blog through advertising.

4 Steps To Begin :

1. Click Image Bellow and Sign up

Earn money from your website/blog by, selling text links, banner ads - Advertisers can, buy links, from your blog for SEO. Get paid through PayPal

2. Type in your website information. Make sure that you fill in detailed description because the advertisers are using the description to determine whether they want to put ad in your web site.

3. Follow the instruction and install the Ad widget into your blog.

4. Ad2link's Text Link Ads will show up in your website. Your website will also show up in market place. After advertisers buy the ad from your website, you will receive the money in your Paypal account (after 30 days).


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