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How to steal data Hacker Credit Card (carding) "

Tuesday, February 9, 2010
There are several methods used by hackers in stealing credit cards, among others:

1. Packet sniffer, it is the fastest way to get any data. The concept of work they put enough programs that can view or create a logging file of the data sent by e-commerce website (online sales) that they were after. In general they want websites that do not have security encryption, or sites that do not have good security.

2. Making the program spyware, trojans, worms and the like that functions like a keylogger (a keyboard logger, keyboard activity recorded programs) and the program distributed through e-mail Spamming (put the file in attachment), mirc (chat), messenger (yahoo, MSN ), or specific sites with icon or the lure of an attractive netter to download and open the file. This program will record all activity on your computer into a file, and will send it to an email hacker. Sometimes these programs can be run directly when you go to a site that made a hacker or porn site.

3. Make a phishing site, the site looks similar or the same as the original site. example in Indonesia at that site click bca (, have experienced the same thing. that site looks just like KlikBCA but address several different contrived as, , etc., so if the wrong type netter, will stray to the site. Fortunately the person making the site he meant no harm. So if a hacker who created tuh carding sites, get ready deh Your credit card will be broken.

4. Break down e-commerce site is directly and stealing all their customers data. This way rather difficult and need expert hacker or hackers who have the experience to do so. In general they use injection methods (include the script that can be run by the site / server) for sites that have firewalls. There were several ways including injection commonly used html injection and SQL injection. For sites that do not have security or firewall, prepare dikerjain abis-abisan.

There are several ways to do more of hackers, but the ways above are the most common way hackers do for carding. Unusual ways will be explained later in the future ..

any action you do is risky, so Take your own risk


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