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Write SEO Content That Search Engines Love

Tuesday, February 9, 2010
The art of writing SEO content that search engines love is not always easy to learn even when specific instructions are available. SEO copywriting ideas often sound very simple in print, but then turn out to be almost impossible to accomplish due to lacking offline writing skills. Instructions for SEO text construction often forget to mention that good English-class skills are the secret to success while writing articles for the Web.

Not all English-class skills cross over into online writing. Proper SEO articles are written with different rules on punctuation. The comma, quote marks, and other writing symbols that go above or below normal text lines can be confused with programming script by the search engines. Professional SEO writers know this and will only write with proper commas or quotes in their text when employers demand this offline style of writing.

Search engines love keywords and keyword phrases that are placed into an article at specific density levels. For most styles of Internet articles, the good SEO content writers will use a density level of 2.9% or less per keyword. A keyword is a ‘key’ word on a page of text; no other word or phrase on the page can rank higher than the keyword in density or it becomes a more important keyword.

Keyword density and other important page qualities are calculated through arithmetic formulas that most professional SEO copywriters have with them on an SEO program while they write. These keyword programs will keep tabs on keywords and their density factors, the gunning fog index or page reading level, and lexical density factors such as sentence lengths that can affect reading levels, and keyword structuring.

It is possible to write high-quality SEO content that search engines love without a keyword program if the writer has a place to practice their keyword insertion techniques. Many beginning SEO writers will sign-up under a pen name for a large writing site where authors submit their writing to be paid by the click. Since this writing is going out on the Web, it is easy to try different SEO ideas to actually see what techniques work best.

Keywords and keyword phrases are hidden into the writing so that readers are not aware of their existence. There are different schools of thought on where they should go in an article, but most people do agree that the important words do best when they are sprinkled throughout the article. Many believe that current search engines read a page at the top first, at the bottom next, and then in the middle. Keywords are sometimes structured to be seen by the search engine quickly in this same type of sequence.

One quick rule to remember while learning to write SEO content that search engines love is that the writer should act like they are allergic to the word ‘you’. Google is the search engine that all Internet writers must please. Recently this search engine started ranking pages in part based upon conversation vs. information standards. Straight information words will be placed higher than ‘you’ style of conversation words.

Writers that learn to write SEO content that search engines love often do their learning over a period of time. If time is not available to learn to write properly in this format, there are inexpensive writing services online with qualified SEO text writers available. When hiring a writer through a service, always explain the exact SEO requirements that the articles need to receive the best results.



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